Plain Fabric by the yard - Fabric content - 80% Hemp and 20% Cotton (HFY9) - color varies from off-white to ivory. Fabric content - 100% Hemp (HFY12) - color varies from oatmeal to tan. Uses of our fabrics include: curtains, table runners, covering furniture, designing clothing and much more. Rolls run anywhere from 6 to 20 yards and the width is approximately 18" wide, but may vary. Please ask about availability.
Striped Fabric by the yard - These fabrics were originally woven to be used as grain sacks which is why they come in a lovely assortment of colors. Each village and weaver used a different stripe color so that their grain sack could be identified at the mill. These fabrics are in a limited supply so please inquire about availability.

Plain Fabric - 100% Hemp Hemp & Cotton Blend

Blue-Aqua striped Fabric. Hemp & Cotton weave
Red & Blue Striped Fabric. Variety of stripes and fabric blends:
100% Hemp or Hemp & Cotton Blend

Plain Fabric - Hemp & Cotton - off-white
Blue & Garnet stripe
100% Hemp weave
Garnet stripe
100% Hemp weave
Intricate weave - Plain hemp-cotton Fabric
honeycomb weave
100% Hemp or Hemp & Cotton Blend
Hemp-Cotton checked weave
Transylvanian Images 

Please inquire about stripe colors currently available