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Transylvanian Images 
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Cara Spinelli & Zsuzsanna Sipos
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Our Mission is to help preserve the weaving and embroidery traditions of women in Transylvania that became highly developed due to the ancient custom of dowry. As this custom disappears along with it dies a rich tradition.

Our collection of hand-woven products are made from recycled, vintage fabric that was woven a generation ago when the villagers of Transylvania still produced everything they needed from bed linens to clothing and other accessories.

The hemp and flax used in our products, both environmentally friendly, were grown without pesticides on small family farms, then harvested, processed and spun by hand. As we design products today, we strive to stick with the traditional patterns that have been used for many generations.

Transylvanian embroidered textiles incorporate Renaissance, Baroque and Oriental influences with flowers, leaves, birds, and spiral ornaments being the principal decorative themes. By having these wonderful resources and working closely with the women artisans, we have created a unique line of traditional handmade products with a contemporary look.

By educating consumers and establishing a market for these wonderful products, we strive to create jobs for villagers in Transylvania.

We buy each piece directly from the artisans, so that we can sell them to you at a fair price, while still paying the producers their fair share.

Doing business since 1998.